Gym Wish List

If money were no object, I would take my dog Leo with me on a plane. If money were no object, I would buy a hot new car. If money were no object, I would travel to my heart’s content, and along different lines I would buy gym equipment for my home. As a matter of fact, I have a gym wish list in the making right now to share with you.

If money were no object, three or four thousand dollars would be nothing and I would fork it over gladly for an Inspire Fitness M3. Let me tell you, drool, about it. Speaking to my most frequent need, it has a commercial quality abdominal crunch station built into its head pad. On top of that, you will find a seated leg curl station to handle those drooping glutes and strengthen the laggard hamstrings. Moving on down the list, I want a precision power-packed unit made of 11 gauge steel with nylon pulleys that will never wear out, tensile strength cables, and ball bearings in the press arm pivot. In short, I want quality and I want it now. All this stuff comes with the basic model and I read it right off the flyer.

It has to have a weight stack for a serious lifter, say at least 200 lb. Next to the stack will be my treadmill by True Fitness at a whopping eight thousand. Remember, money is… It has a 20 inch touch screen, aluminum straddle covers, multiple console options, and optional customization. This brochure tells a great story: it is the “answer to premium fitness equipment for your home.” This baby is high on the wish list. It is durable, innovative, and performs like a dream. That is what real money can buy!

I want only the best in this fantasy home gym, in which by the way, space is no object. There will be room for more gear. I want a two thousand dollar Bodycraft rower with magnetic resistance. Technology abounds in this marvel. You get wireless handlebar resistance control, ultra-smooth industrial grade bearings inside friction-free rollers plus an ergonomically-designed contoured seat. You wouldn’t want it any other way! This company has listened to its consumers because everything is there made with precision and care.

On the rower I would get a great out of water experience. I probably would get a great out of body one on my Precor stationary bike on which I could spin to the heavens in a trance. I like the upright models and know I can get a super one for under four grand. The handlebars are custom designed with integrated touch heart rate and everything is devised with comfort and efficiency in mind. You can adjust the seat with one hand so you barely have to upset your routine while in motion. There is also a cool knee over pedal spindle geometry they call KOPS which will give the direst aficionado a run for his or her money. I expect a smooth workout on this fine machine.

I’d probably also add in one of the best elliptical machines as well. I haven’t had enough time to look into these yet, but I found this guide the other day and it seems like a great place to start my research.

If I haven’t exhausted my budget, I can get a stair stepper, a cage system, a power rack, a whole body vibration machine, and maybe an elliptical. But let’s not get too crazy. I only have to spend fifty thousand and I am perfectly situated for a major body transformation.

Written By Taylor