Kitchen Screech Owl? No, Just My Sink.

441369_SG_VIS_1.0_DE_CBI am a photographer by profession. Handyman I am not, but sometimes you just gotta do it. You know what it costs to bring a plumber in even for just one hour. It pays to learn a few tricks of the trade and fill your tool box with the necessary implements and supplies. Get a manual, read up on line, and prepare yourself for repairs. You never know when a minor disaster will strike. I stress minor, as that is all I am up for.

Let me jump back a bit in time to a week ago. It was an uneventful, nonchalant day. Leo and I were sitting in the kitchen doing nothing (me at the table drinking coffee and the dog at my side on the floor). We were whiling away time which was our habit on an easy Saturday norming. I was in reverie, my eyes glazed over, lost in thought. Leo had just had his walk and was feeling relaxed. I was about to read my emails and send a few texts.

I got up to rinse my coffee cup, dutiful person that I am about being tidy, and turned on the kitchen faucet. It made the worst screeching sound like an owl in heat. Yikes! Leo’s ears picked up and he, too, wondered what the… what had gotten into the house. Was there an open door? We looked around quickly.

Leo began to get nervous and was pacing about following my own footsteps. I was pondering the situation. He looked up at me entreatingly as if to say, “do something.” I never knew he disliked irritating sounds. He was very quiet.

I shut off the faucet for a moment and turned it on again. There had to be a screech owl in our midst? Would it attack? But no, ha ha, it was just my fancy undermount kitchen sink. Not a major problem, just annoying. The handyman spirit within was revived. It was long dead, mind you, and not often energized. I wasn’t sure I had it in me. Remember, it was a lazy kind of day. But I trotted out to the garage, got out the tool box and searched about. No washers, nary a one. Reluctantly, Leo and I hit the pavement for a walk to the hardware store. Of course, he had no clue why but was game for another go in the great outdoors. I was miffed.

One hour later, for a buck I had the new washer on the sink and was hot on the trail of the “owl.” I popped it in, tested the faucet, and alas the bird was gone, flown the coop, beat a retreat. We had peace and quiet once again. Aah! That was too much excitement for one day. I sat down at the kitchen table, poured another cup of java, and Leo repositioned himself at my side. It was as if nothing had happened. Handyman to the rescue, that’s me! Plumbing jobs around the house should always be this easy.

Written By Taylor