Having a Professional Camera Still Counts

We live in the age of cameras today. People walk around with miniature cameras on their phones now. The world is full of pictures because the world is full of cameras. Does that mean that everyone can be a photographer today and that we have finally obviated the need for the professional cameras that will take the best pictures? I think the answer to that question is a resounding ‘no.’

The camera on your phone will get the job done, but you’ve probably noticed by now that almost everything looks somewhat distorted in that camera. There’s a reason for that, and it isn’t entirely a function of your skill as an amateur photographer. It’s because you’re taking something that has different proportions in real life and trying to compress it all into this tiny space with the limited pixels of a cell phone image. You’re basically shrinking your subject and slightly distorting it. This is even worse for the images that you try to take up close.

People look weird is selfies for a lot of reasons. It’s really hard to take a good picture blindly, which is what you’re doing when you take a selfie in the first place. However, since you’re using this tiny lens that doesn’t have a good zoom function and you’re taking a picture of something up close like this, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the version of you that you photograph in a selfie looks more like it belongs in a distorting mirror at a fun-house.

A professional camera is going to have the viewfinder that you need for the sake of getting the right composition for your pictures. You will be able to zoom in and focus on the most important parts of the picture and anything else that you want to emphasize. You will be able to adjust the lighting and the settings in a way that is difficult on a featureless amateurish camera.

Written By Taylor