Photography Is All About Location

ruleofthirdsPeople may find themselves in a situation in which they aren’t entirely sure why a given photograph looks better than many other photographs, even though the subject is the same. In some cases, it may simply be due to the technique of the photographer, which is often going to be the case. However, part of the technique of any photographer involves selecting the right location for a photograph, and the location in which a photo is shot really can make all the difference in terms of whether or not the picture is successful.

Lighting is going to make all the difference when it comes to photography, and different locations will produce different plays of shadows. In some types of lighting, something that looks fantastic can look downright frightening. Maybe that’s what you want, if you’re going for horror photography in one way or another. If you’re not trying to shoot something that’s Halloween-worthy, you’re probably going to want to shoot your subject in a given location.

You might think that it would be really hard to make a given subject scary. I have a hard time imagining Taylor looking scary, since I think he just looks adorable even when he’s trying to look all scary and menacing. The thing is, to other people, he probably will look like just another angry dog in those circumstances. They’ll have different associations compared to me. You have to anticipate how your audience is going to feel about a particular subject, especially if we’re talking about a subject that you know really well and which has lots of different connotations for you. Trust me, your adorable pet dog can look scary to someone. I know that from experience.

The contents of a location are going to make a huge difference. A gentle pastoral field always creates a different impression than a vacant lot, and a clean and majestic urban landscape will change the nature of any photograph that is set there. Plenty of people seem to be under the impression that people will only focus upon the subject of a photograph when they look at the photograph, and a picture of a dog in a field and a picture of that same dog on a staircase will create the same effect. The subject is only part of the overall artwork of the picture.

Written By Taylor